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Data Analytics

See the big picture with data analytics by elemetriq

We provide insightful data analytics, taking your decision making to the next level. Categories include anything from digital marketing to financials as well as operating efficiency. Results are compared with targets so you know how you’re tracking. We take an investigative approach, engaging related departments and finding answers. We can provide regular reporting on your data at the frequency you desire. Our aim is to provide you with useful analytics, presented in a user friendly format that promotes actionable outcomes.

Dashboard design

Stay informed with a dashboard by elemetriq

The dashboard will provide a visual display of your activities using accurate data. We can integrate your data if you have multiple sources, providing the information you need in one location. Our aim is to create a dashboard that is meaningful. To achieve this, we will tailor the dashboard according to your preferences, so you will see what’s important to you. With a cloud based solution, the dashboard can literally be in the palm of your hands, accessible via your smart phone or tablet. A unique dashboard can be created for each segment or location of your organisation, giving them the right information. 

Customer Profiling

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers

Our expertise in data mining allows us to profile your customers across multiple dimensions. We aim to provide valuable insights on the people using your product or service and how they are engaging with your organisation. We look for relationships between your customers and key product metrics. Our data modelling can reveal hidden opportunities that will help plan your next move. 


Grow your knowledge base

We provide training in the business intelligence software that collects your data and transforms it in to impressive visual displays. On completion of the training, this will allow your organisation to use the software in a more autonomous and collaborative way. 

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